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When you hear a song by the Rock Superstar of the day, fill out the form below for your chance to win the weekly prize of $500!

Listen now for today's Rock Superstar The Rolling Stones and you could win.

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Monday, Aug 28: AC DC
Tuesday, Aug 29: The Rolling Stones
Wednesday, Aug 30: Queen
Thursday, Aug 31: Led Zeppelin
Friday, Sept 1 : Rush
Saturday, Sept 2: Aerosmith
Sunday, Sept 3: Def Leppard

Monday, Sept 4: Bryan Adams
Tuesday, Sept 5: Van Halen
Wednesday, Sept 6 The Who
Thursday, Sept 7: ZZ Top
Friday, Sept 8: U2
Saturday, Sept 9: The Tragically Hip
Sunday, Sept 10: Supertramp

Monday, Sept 11: David Bowie
Tuesday, Sept 12: April Wine
Wednesday, Sept 13: The Beatles
Thursday, Sept 14: Guns N Roses
Friday, Sept 15: Pink Floyd
Saturday, Sept 16: Bon Jovi
Sunday, Sept 17: Foreigner

Monday, Sept 18: Fleetwood Mac
Tuesday, Sept 19: Metallica
Wednesday, Sept 20: Kiss
Thursday, Sept 21: Trooper
Friday, Sept 22: Creedence Clearwater Revival
Saturday, Sept 23: John Mellencamp
Sunday, Sept 24: The Eagles

Monday, Sept 25: Aerosmith
Tuesday, Sept 26: Queen
Wednesday, Sept 27: Def Leppard
Thursday, Sept 28: AC DC
Friday, Sept 29: The Rolling Stones
Saturday, Sept 30: Rush
Sunday, Oct 1: Led Zeppelin

Monday, Oct 2: The Who
Tuesday, Oct 3: The Tragically Hip
Wednesday, Oct 4: Supertramp
Thursday, Oct 5: Bryan Adams
Friday, Oct 6: Van Halen
Saturday, Oct 7: ZZ Top
Sunday, Oct 8: U2

Monday, Oct 9: The Beatles
Tuesday, Oct 10: Bon Jovi
Wednesday, Oct 11: Foreigner
Thursday, Oct 12: Bruce Springsteen
Friday, Oct 13: Tom Petty
Saturday, Oct 14: David Bowie
Sunday, Oct 15: Guns N Roses

Monday, Oct 16: Kiss
Tuesday, Oct 17: The Eagles
Wednesday, Oct 18: Fleetwood Mac
Thursday, Oct 19: April Wine
Friday, Oct 20: Pink Floyd
Saturday, Oct 21: Metallica
Sunday, Oct 22: Trooper


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