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Afternoons with Al

Join Al Baldwin for MAX Afternoons!

Q & A with Al:

First album you bought?
A Wild Pair-The Guess Who and the Staccatos-A Coca-Cola promo album: in addition to sending in some money had to furnish several bottle cap liners! Still have it.

You get to invite 3 people dead or alive to dinner. Who do you invite?
Orson Welles, Gore Vidal, and the explorer Sir Richard Francis Burton (Boys night!!)

Describe yourself in 3 words?
Pop Culture Junkie

Celebrity Crush?
Salma Hayek

Who’s your favourite superhero?
Green Lantern (not the Ryan Reynolds incarnation)

One thing on your ‘bucket’ list:
To own a classic VW van

What would your last meal be?
Roast turkey with all the fixings

Who is the most famous person you’ve ever met?
Sophia Loren

What’s the one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
I almost pursued a career as a semi-professional football player

What’s your favourite movie?
Godfather II

What’s the worst fashion choice you ever made?
Wearing a bright orange vest and pants when I was part of a dance band…should’ve stuck with the tuxes

Where is the most interesting place you’ve been?
The world, traversed the globe in 7 days in the mid-80s.